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Calendar for 2020 Events


Start Time
February 22110KRUSATBAQuality InnTBA
February 22200KRUSATBAQuality InnTBA
February 29200KRUSATBAQuality InnTBA
March 7200KRUSATBAQuality InnTBA
March 29 (Sunday)110KRUSATBAQuality InnTBA
March 29 (Sunday)200KRUSATBAQuality InnTBA
April 11110KRUSA1350'Quality Inn08:00
April 11200KACP2700'Quality Inn08:00
May 2110KRUSA1350'Quality Inn07:00
May 2200KACP2700'Quality Inn07:00
May 2300KACP3600'Quality Inn07:00
May 30110KRUSA1350'Quality Inn06:00
May 30200KACP2700'Quality Inn06:00
May 30400KACP7400'Quality Inn06:00
June 20200KACP2850'Quality Inn06:00
June 20300KACP3900'Quality Inn06:00
June 20400KACP7400'Quality Inn06:00
June 20600KACP10,200'Quality Inn06:00
September 12200KACPTBAQuality Inn06:00
September 12300KACPTBAQuality Inn06:00
September 12400KACPTBAQuality Inn06:00
September 12600KACPTBAQuality Inn06:00
October 3110KRUSATBAFlat Tire Lounge13:00
October 3200KRUSATBAFlat Tire Lounge12:00


*click on distance for Ride with GPS link

**Quality Inn: 2601 E 13th Street, Ames; Flat Tire Lounge: 304 S Madison St, Madrid